San Holo Completes Weekly ‘stay vibrant’ Releases

The Dutch artist has released weekly singles since his quarantine began

For two months, San Holo has released a single each Monday through his own bitbird imprint, today will be the last weekly release – capping off the project with ‘staring at the sea without you next to me’ together with ILIVEHERE.

Holo brings us a diverse range of sounds in the 7 productions, he also explorers a singer-songwriter feel whilst still incorporating his familiar vibrant electronic sounds. The ‘stay vibrant’ collection showcases San Holo’s versatility.

San Holo explains; “The stay vibrant playlist started 2 months ago when there was so much drastic change in the world… expressing myself through music was the only way to keep myself sane. right now, my desperate need to express myself through songs on a weekly basis has passed. I’ve released seven songs in seven weeks and I feel like I was able to express a lot of emotions that were going through my mind. I’m still wandering around in. I’m still looking for some sort of purpose and direction in life and I’m thinking about those things a lot during these weird times. I’ve decided to stop the weekly releases for now. I’ll pick it back up whenever I feel the need to”

Thanks to a weekly dose of San Holo’s creativity, we’ve remain vibrant whilst in isolation.

  1. San Holo – (if only i could) hold you
  2. San Holo – don’t forget to breathe today
  3. San Holo – in the end i just want you to be happy
  4. San Holo – idk anything (demo)
  5. San Holo feat. Luwten – we’re all just on our way home
  6. San Holo feat. Analogue Dear – in case i never see you again
  7. San Holo feat. ILIVEHERE. – staring at the sea without you next to me




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