Shaun Frank & Lexy Pantera Drop “Where Do You Go” Music Video

Legendary Canadian producer Shaun Frank brings us the music video for his latest release “Where Do You Go”.  The video, posted Friday on the Spinnin’ Records YouTube page, has already amassed over 140k streams and 170 comments.  Production wise, the track fits well within the deep house genre.  It features dark pluck chords and a house drum-line.   Lexy Panterra’s incredible vocals make the track feel complete, and add a catchy element.

The music video, directed by Matthew Parrish, is set in a vintage Neon world.  It portrays Panterra dancing and singing along to the track.  The producer behind the track, Shaun Frank, makes a short cameo about one minute in to the video, where he appears to be reading a book and mouths the word “yeah”.  All in all, the video piggybacks off of the strong energy of the track and enhances the listening experience.

Watch The Video For “Where Do You Go” Here:

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