SLANDER And Jason Ross Unite On Evocative ‘Better Than Heaven’

Heavyweight team-ups in the melodic bass arena are always heavily anticipated, but the excitement at the announcement of a SLANDER and Jason Ross collaboration in the early days of 2020 was simply unprecedented. With the vocal feature unveiled as JT Roach, ‘Better Than Heaven’ is finally here in its full glory.

Much like in JT Roach’s previous feature for SLANDER on the 2019 hit ‘Potions‘, it’s his heartfelt vocals that steal the limelight through the bulk of the song. Roach’s pristine voice combined with a catchy topline and alluring lyrics (“In your eyes, I found my Nirvana”) make ‘Better Than Heaven’ a sure-fire sing-along tune. Although the SLANDER’s production shines in the verses and arrangement, the drop highlights the honey-swathed, sweet Jason Ross lead. Adopting a simple melody that latches on to your ears, it’s the perfect culmination to a perfect vocal-driven tune.




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