Spotify ‘What’s New’ Feed Makes It Easier To Keep Up With New Music, Podcasts, And Shows

Spotify has rolled out the ‘What’s New Feed,’ a central place where content from artists you follow will appear the moment it goes live on Spotify. Whether it be new music from your favorite artist, a new episode from a podcast, or a just-populated event from an artist you follow, by clicking the bell icon in the upper-right hand corner in your Spotify app, you will see it all in one place.

What makes it different than the Release Radar playlist is the time-sensitivity aspect. Release Radar updates once a week, while this is a real time live update, as soon as something hits the Spotify system.

Spotify has always been about optimizing the music listening experience from a fan-first perspective, the ‘What’s New Feed’ is a sensible extension of their principles.

The new feature was in testing for what seemed like a year, but it is now rolling out to devices. If you have it, click the bell icon in the upper-right hand corner of your Spotify app from the home screen to access this new feature and never miss new upload from your favorite content creators you follow.





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