Spotify’s EQUAL Unveil ‘The Players’ Playlist, Curated By World Cup Football Players

With the Women’s World Cup kicking off next week in Australia and New Zealand, football enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly immersing themselves in the action. Spotify has joined in the festivities, commemorating the global event of 2023.

Players are uniting to honour their sport through EQUAL’s THE PLAYERS—a unique football playlist exclusively curated by the world’s most beloved female football talents.

“We love to bring together the worlds of music and sports,” Taj Alavi, Spotify’s VP, Global Head of Marketing, remarked. “THE PLAYERS playlist is so exciting because it involves incredible female athletes from around the world and extends our commitment to shine a spotlight on women in music.”

With the likes of Peggy Gou, PinkPantheress, Jorja Smith, and Eliza Rose – the playlist is certainly a genre-spanning list. 

“There are a lot of similarities amongst the World Cup athletes and EQUAL artists; the greatest being that they all wish to experience greater equity while pursuing their passions,” explained Bel Aztiria, Spotify’s EQUAL Music Lead. “THE PLAYERS offers a new destination for soccer and music fans alike to gather and celebrate football’s return to the global stage.”

Curated by nearly 40 players—including 27 who are representing their home nations in the tournament—across 15 countries, the playlist includes selections from Alex Morgan (USA), Crystal Dunn (USA), Jess Carter (England), Laura Giuliani (Italy), Asisat Oshoala (Nigeria), Lina Magull (Germany), Remy Siemsen (Australia), Meikayla Moore (New Zealand), and Ashley Lawrence (Canada). Featuring more than 120 tracks by women artists, THE PLAYERS is a true representation of women’s football around the world.

“Growing up I always wondered what my favorite athletes listened to while preparing for a major competition,” Ashley Lawrence said. “It’s so cool to be able to collaborate on a playlist with female athletes across the globe spanning all levels. This initiative is showing the importance of highlighting the achievements of women both in sport and music.”

EQUAL, now entering its third year, stands as Spotify’s worldwide initiative dedicated to showcasing the talents of women creators, acknowledging their valuable contributions, and nurturing opportunities for gender equality.

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Players who have contributed to the EQUAL PLAYERS’ playlist: 

  1. Crystal Dunn (Portland Thorns FC, Team USA)
  2. Julie Ertz (Angel City FC, Team USA)
  3. Alex Morgan (San Diego Wave FC, Team USA)
  4. Jayde Riviere (Manchester United W.F.C., Team Canada)
  5. Ashley Lawrence (Chelsea FC Women, Team Canada)
  6. Jess Carter (Chelsea FC Women, Team England)
  7. Asisat Oshoala (FC Barcelona Femení, Team Nigeria)
  8. Rasheedat Ajibade (Atlético de Madrid Femenino, Team Nigeria)
  9. Gabriela Salgado (JVW F.C., Team South Africa)
  10. Tarcianne Lima (Sport Club Corinthians Paulista)
  11. Bruninha (NJ/NY Gotham FC, Team Brazil)
  12. Remy Siemsen (Leicester City W.F.C., Team Australia)
  13. Meikayla Moore (Glasgow City F.C., Team New Zealand)
  14. Risa Shimizu (West Ham United F.C. Women, Team Japan)
  15. Eva Navarro (Atlético de Madrid Femenino, Team Spain)
  16. Laura Giuliani (A.C. Milan Women, Team Italy)
  17. Sofia Jakobsson (San Diego Wave FC, Team Sweden)
  18. Amanda Nildén (Juventus F.C. Women, Team Sweden)
  19. Linda Sembrant  (Juventus F.C. Women, Team Sweden)
  20. Laura Freigang (Eintracht Frankfurt, Team Germany)
  21. Lina Magull (FC Bayern Frauen, Team Germany)
  22. Stina Johannes (Eintracht Frankfurt, Team Germany)
  23. Kai Novak (UCLA)
  24. Brittany Wilson (Angel City FC)
  25. Rachele Sartirani (Street Football x Barcelona)
  26. Silvia Casciani (Angelo Baiardo U.S.D.)
  27. Sara Frigren (AIK)
  28. Matilda Nildén (AIK)
  29. Serina Backmark (AIK)
  30. Karin Muya (London City Lionesses)
  31. Charlotte Fleming  (London City Lionesses)
  32. Lily Agg  (London City Lionesses, Team Ireland)
  33. Kyra Carusa  (London City Lionesses, Team Ireland)
  34. Rianna Jarrett (Wexford Youths Women FC)
  35. Atlanta Primus  (London City Lionesses, Team Jamaica)
  36. Vyan Sampson (Hearts Women FC, Team Jamaica)
  37. Kate Taylor (Wellington Phoenix FC)
  38. Malia Steinmetz (Western Sydney Wanderers FC, Team New Zealand)
  39. Liz Anton (Perth Glory FC, Team New Zealand)




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