Super8 & Tab Debut New Album ‘These Little Stories (Part One)’

Trance music legends Super8 & Tab have debuted Part One of a brand new album project titled These Little Stories. Out today via Armada Music, the 7-track album encompasses all the characteristics that make Super8 & Tab great. DJs everywhere are going to have a field day picking out tracks to throw into their post-quarantine live sets.

Kicking things off is the ethereal intro “Black Swan”. A magical piano melody swims across atmospheric and dream-like synths that will make you feel like you’re floating. Immediately following this comes the hit Armin Van Buuren collab “Leka”, a fist-pumping number to raise your heartbeat again. There are notably only two tracks to feature vocals here, single “Rooftops” with Christina Novelli, and “Live for Tonight” featuring Jess Ball. Both carry a similarly uplifting effect, with lyrics made for heartwarming group sing-alongs. After the closing Rodg collab “Soundcheck”, it’s easy to imagine a sequel to the These Little Stories saga.

The producers have drawn inspiration from family, friends and fans for their creative process, and have encouraged long-time fans to share their stories on how Super8 & Tab’s music has shaped their lives in ways big and small. This era for the duo is all about looking back on the memories made throughout their career, while simultaneously looking ahead to create new ones. In a time of uncertainty, it’s a comforting sentiment for not only Super8 & Tab fans, but music fans everywhere; reminisce on the good times and look forward to writing our own little stories in the near future.




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