Tony Romera Releases Debut Album ‘Introspection’ Via Monstercat

French maestro Tony Romera have released his 16 track debut album. The LP perfectly showcases his blends of French house sound, funky disco and electronic. Romera has released on many various labels over the years, one remained consistent however and that was Monstercat, who he choose to release Introspection with.

The lead single, ‘Boogie’ is a funky cut brimming with disco-era guitar licks and modern synths, definitive of Tony’s rich musical depth. With tracks like ‘VHS’ and ‘MS69’ paying homage to his tight-knit family and hometown, Introspection is a collection of meaningful memories wrapped into one impressive studio album.

Tony Romera shares, “This album comes from my heart, with so many memories in each track. It’s a piece of me, a piece of my life. I made ‘Introspection’ during the pandemic which was pretty hard for everyone. I also dealt with some personal issues which were challenging to overcome, so I decided to escape from all of this by locking myself in the studio and working on music. I created this album as if I was never going to present it to anyone, I just made what I loved since the beginning, without anticipating any reaction from anyone. I really hope people love it as much as I do.” 




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