Tebra Returns With New Single “Zapis” via Cafe De Anatolia

A massively talented artist, Tebra has just released his first solo single of the year, coming to Cafe De Anatolia with exciting gem “Zapis.” An esteemed label and collective, Cafe De Anatolia has been blessing the worldwide electronic music scene with amazing music for over a decade, with a mission of spreading awareness about the importance of spiritual music in everyday life. Cafe De Anatolia has been an Official Playlist Curator for Anghami since February 10th this year, and has released music by established artists such as Ralians On Earth aka Nickarth, Karmaâ, Billy Esteban, Bob Zopp and many more. 

Tebra’s “Zapis” is yet another stunning release on the label, bringing together some of the hottest downtempo and organic sounds the scene has to offer. With a minimal and driving bassline, and layers of exciting vocals, ethnic instruments and organic percussion on top, “Zapis” is truly a masterpiece. Tebra’s debut release “Suton” came out back in 2017, showcasing his musical journey with all types of music for the past 20 years. Undoubtedly an experienced producer and musician, Tebra has released on labels such as Damar Records, Souq Records and Art Vibes Music, as well as received support from heavy-hitters such as Omeria, Depart, Professor, Stephane Salerno and many more. 




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