The Beamish Brothers Discuss “The Process” on New Podcast

Comprised of Ben and Jeremy Beamish, The Beamish Brothers are still buzzing from the release of their latest single ‘Nature’. The Australian duo have been making sure to keep busy inside and outside the studio lately, working on a lot of new music whilst diving into other ventures, notably their fresh new podcast.

Titled “The Process”, the duo’s podcast features conversations with like-minded artists and industry professionals about music, what happens behind the scenes and much more. Having launched the podcast in early April, The Beamish Brothers have already delivered more than a handful of episodes. In their short yet insightful talks, they have brought on talented people such as JT Roach, who has written for OneRepublic, Celeina Ann, who left Universal Music to pursue a career as an independent artist and plenty more talented musicians. 

The Beamish Brothers’ latest podcast episode is made up of a latest light-hearted conversation with rising, London-based Italian duo M w S. Together, the 4 artists discuss their creative processes, how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their music careers, as well as shed light on what it is like being an independent artist in Europe; making up for a highly valuable episode for industry professionals and artists alike. 





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