The Best Songs About Corona Virus / COVID 19: Cardi B, DJ Snake, Ramengvrl, Rich Brian, Psychs, Yofrangel & More

Popular current events have throughout history been the source of inspiration for artists, and right now it’s hard to have a conversation anywhere in the world without the topic of Coronavirus being brought up. It’s no surprise as such that we are seeing a massive surge in songs being made around the pandemic.

As the outbreak of Coronavirus began, mass gatherings were swiftly cancelled and artists were amongst the first to be out of work. Many have found inspiration in the crisis. While there will be a lot of music inspired by the events happening but not directly about it, some have used their influence and creativity to spread messages about virus prevention, distrust of the government or brought us relatable comedic content to help us deal with the struggles of isolation.

While it could be perceived that some of these artists are cashing in on the opportunity and current attention, many of them are also serving as a creative and effective way to reach audiences with an important message and/or raising money for helping those in need. Currently, thousands of results appear on YouTube and hundreds of songs have popped up on streaming services under the titles of Coronavirus, Quarantine and COVID19 among them a few albums and even an artist.

The songs span all genres from pop and hip-hop to grime and deathcore, as well some parodies of some well-known classics. Among them are some really catchy numbers, most notably, a video of famed US Rapper Cardi B ranting about the virus has spawned hundreds of remixes including one by none other than DJ Snake, another finding it’s way into the Billboard Top 100 Charts and reaching Top 10 on iTunes.

In South America’s Mister Cumbia and Yofrangel have both separately stormed Spotify’s Viral chart across South America, however the former is rather uninteresting and lacks quality. In Asia, Indonesian Hip-Hop artist Ramengvrl teamed up with Producer SIHK to pen a song to help keep you sane during isolation called ‘Quarantine & Chill’, meanwhile in Vietnam, the ‘Handwashing Song’ has clocked up over 27 million views and become a viral hit on TikTok. Out of Europe, British Artist Psychs has served up some juicy grime with ‘Spreadin’.

Coronavirus pandemic infections are soaring across the globe, the virus is on its way to over a million infections worldwide and is not looking to slow down anytime soon. In order to try and slow it’s spread more than a billion people are on law enforced lockdowns, and while most of us have been watching the rise around the world and taken it seriously, it’s not been smooth sailing on all fronts.

Panic buying and hoarding have left people without supplies, young people taking holidays and holding Corona parties and Coronavirus deniers are ignoring the advice of governments and helping to spread it further. So just maybe, the power of music might help some of these people get the message. As we find it our duty to uncover the best music we’ve listened through and filtered down the list of these records and found those which are noteworthy artistic works or at least will help to put a smile on your face during this trying time.

Cardi B – Corona (DJ Snake Remix)

DJ Snake worked his magic on Cardi B’s famous rant and laugh to create a bass-heavy trap weapon before his remaining shows were cancelled he even dropped the song in his set. While this version is only a short 57 seconds long it’s amassed almost 8 million views so far. If you ask us, had he finished in full we’d be happy to hear him drop it live – however that’s contradictory because the last thing we’d be doing is packing into a club.

Ramengvrl & SIHK – Quarantine & Chill

Having caught the attention of the likes of Cardi B, Chance The Rapper and T.I previously when she was featured in a clip from Netflix’s ‘Rhythm & Flow’ it’s no surprise this one will stick in your mind for a while after. The Female Hip-Hop artist Ramengvrl in Asia has joined up with friend and talented producer SIHK, who’s previous credits include Rich Brian, NIKI and heaving electronic releases via Yellow Claw‘s Barong Family.

The EMPIRE signed rapper spits catchy bars about Dettol being better than Dior and telling us to tell those guys who trying to Netflix & Chill to stay home. The beat is a perfect delivery, dark mysterious trap bass and with enough room for the lyrics to stand out. She finishes it off with a final touch, coughing to remind us that it’s actually a song about Coronavirus.

Tom MacDonald – Coronavirus

When I saw this initially I had listened to about 20 songs which were very badly done. However, Tom MacDonald who I’d never previously heard of stood out a mile, his well-crafted lyrics address the full story of the Coronavirus from it’s an outbreak in China to the Medical companies and the economy.

His song hits on the message of the seriousness of the situation, the scepticism people have to the media and the many conspiracies theories. Macdonald also touches on the selfishness seen across the world with hoarding and reminds us of the economic aspects that are set to unfold. The song is catchy and yet at its core, the message focuses on the strengths of the people and the need for us to stick together.

Psychs – Spreadin’ (Corona Virus)

Grime artist Psychs‘ serves up a catchy bop about the virus along with a well shot music video. Mask on and Sanitsier in hand, the talented artist pimped out in Nike rhymes about social distancing and tells listeners to take it seriously, while shouting out to the families affected. He talks about the doom we have been facing in 2020 and the fact the Football got cancelled, and touches on conspiracies and calls the government evil.

Wash Your Hands Parody

This one is a bit more of a fun song that will have you applauding his talent and even better, the proceeds are going to the Global Relief fund, so be sure to click the ads and help contribute. Ut’s not so much a great performance but it’s no doubt smart and entertaining. Peter Hollens has mashed up some of the biggest songs in recent times from artists such as Billie Eilish, Billy Ray Cyrus, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars and replaced their lyrics with advice on handwashing, reducing the spread and staying home.

Coronavirus Deathcore Song

Now this one really shows there’s something for everyone. It starts with a skit showing a CDC specialist telling US President Donald Trump his changing stance has been apart of the problem before introducing their new video. Blazing drums and screaming deathcore vocals at max capacity telling us to wash our hands for 20 seconds with 60% alcohol and to stay home if you’re feeling unwell.

It also discusses facts such as the ways it spreads, including through respiratory droplets and how long it lives on surfaces. The breakdown features clips from Australia with people fighting over toilet paper before entering an epic guitar solo while still listing 5 important facts. The song then tells us to avoid the countries where Coronavirus has been hit hard, as well as their national foods before reminding us not to be racist and not to worry about getting it from Panda Express.

Yofrangel – Corona Virus

While I don’t understand the lyrics of this song from South American artist Yofrangel, it’s a catchy beat and the video looks to have been filmed in the back of an ambulance, the song has been picking up serious support landing in the viral Spotify charts and almost 2 million views on the video.

Hello (From The Inside) Adele Parody

Not everyone’s coping well with the isolation that comes with a lock down, and Chris Mann has touched on this with a parody of Adele’s iconic song Hello. The lyrics feature lines such as “Hello It’s Me, I’m in California dreaming about going out to eat, just a burger with fries and Cheese” and sharing his sadness of avoiding his neighbours and struggling to find what to watch on Netflix. The video will be relatable for anyone stuck at home getting bored.

Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift (Rich Brian Freestyle)

This one is a bit different, Rich Brian isn’t jumping on the bandwagon of Coronavirus lyrics instead, using Teriyaki Boyz’s song he drops flaming hot remix while showing off life under Quarantine after 10 days. From tapping on glasses and dancing around his living room to wearing a full-on a gas mask in his backyard and talking about his hope of playing Coachella – where he was scheduled to play before it was postponed. Brian’s lyrics are masterful as always and it’s no doubt relatable.

If You’re still looking for more, check out these bonus entries.

Natalie Imbruglia – Torn (Parody)

Washing Hands Song




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