Spotify’s Personalized Wrapped Now Available For Users

Spotify’s annual and popular Wrapped feature is here. After detailing the global trends in terms of most streamed albums, songs, podcasts and more, Spotify have now dropped the personalized Wrapped for individual users.

Spotify’s wrapped is an awesome feature that has friends comparing results, most notably the number of minutes streamed throughout the year (which in the case of this data is just Jan-Nov).

Users can scan through a number of data driven slides through Spotify’s new story feature. Unfortunately at this point in time it is only accessible through the mobile app, which can be accessed via the link below.

Alongside the slideshow, Spotify have created three customized playlists, the first being Your Top Songs 2020 – listing in order the users’ most played songs throughout the year. Next is Missed Hits, which showcases 2020 releases the user did not listen to, that they are sure to like. Lastly, Spotify have On Record, which pairs some of the users’ favourite songs with podcasts about the artist/s behind them.

See your personalized wrapped here

My personal Wrapped, no surprises here!




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