The Chainsmokers Release Solo Vocal Hit ‘Push My Luck’

American duo turned trio The Chainsmokers are back with a brand new, dance-pop record. They’ve released infectious single after infectious single, with their last track ‘Takeaway’ with ILLENIUM released in July; ‘Push My Luck’ proves that they have little chance of breaking their streak anytime soon.

Featuring solo vocals from Drew, the track is keeps a chill, mellow vibe focused around the vocals, until the end, where an electronic and catchy drop rounds out the release. A pacifying guitar riff draws out a constant melodic motif, as the lyrics delve far and wide into the nuances of a typical relationship, with one wanting more and having to “push my luck”. The heartfelt vocals perfectly complement the soothing instrumental, the song itself a stark contrast to their trap and dubstep-filled sets. This being their first solo release since ‘Kills You Slowly’ (also among their more mellow tunes), it’s apparent that they wanted to experiment with emotion rather than energy here.

This single joins the ‘World War Joy’ EP, building up to a final album release soon in the coming months, with just four singles left to go. The existing singles are conveniently and cleverly packaged into one EP, so that you can get back into their other recent music through this song.




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