Tom Rasmussen’s Debut Album “Body Building”: A Celebration of Diversity and Power

Tom Rasmussen, the divine and eccentric artist who goes by the pronoun “they/them,” is set to release their debut album, “Body Building,” on March 29th via Globe Town Records. The album consists of fifteen gems of star-studded musicality, and the focus track, “Look At Me,” brings club kid confidence to all who hear it.

While “Look At Me” may seem like an upbeat, piano house-infused pop banger, the theme of the album runs much deeper. Tom challenges societal preconceptions of those who exist outside the binary, highlighting the ever-present issues while celebrating the diversity, beauty, and power of their community.

According to Tom Rasmussen, “Body Building” is the culmination of a decade of thinking about what it means to be different from other people, but in a way that so many people have felt too. It’s about grieving a part of yourself that has been taken by others, escaping violence, accepting reality, and attempting to thrive in it. The album is dedicated to queer and trans people everywhere, and it represents all that Tom Rasmussen has learned over the years of working at the helm of their culture.

“Body Building” is more than just an album; it’s a self-rendered journey of exploring the (de)construction of an alter-ego. Tom works to access the honesty and emotion of both the queer and human experience, bringing together their writing, taste, politics, and, most importantly, their voice.

Overall, “Body Building” is a celebration of diversity and power. Tom Rasmussen’s debut album is a must-listen for anyone who values inclusivity, representation, and authenticity in music.




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