Tritonal Return To Prog House With ‘Never Be The Same’

Hailing from Austin TX, Tritonal boast a truly diverse discography which covers many genres of EDM since their inception in 2008. Moving from trance to prog house to dance pop, their previous release was a commercially-oriented LP, ‘U & ME’, which garnered tons of radio success.

Since the release of this album, Tritonal performed at the Mainstage at EDC LV 2019, where they premiered two new tracks, both leaning towards the progressive styles once again. One of them, ‘Long Way Home’, is a collaboration with Haliene and a couple more trance artists, while the other is the single released today.

Titled ‘Never Be The Same’, featuring the mellifluous vocals of Rosie Darling, their newest offering is a clear return to progressive house, flaunting their signature sound design in the supersaws, the square leads and the dramatic fills used. This one borders on prog trance with the supersaws in the drop playing a chord progression (as opposed to having a clear monophonic lead synth).

The soft arpeggios in the mid-low frequencies are a clear throwback to their 2015 single with Cash Cash, ‘Untouchable’. Meanwhile, newer elements of their production style don’t fail to make their mark; vocal chops are distorted and used as risers, while the vocalist, Rosie Darling, has sung on a couple of Tritonal’s recent hit singles, including Diamonds.

It’s clear as daylight that even if it’s been a while since their last prog house tune, Tritonal haven’t lost their magical touch in the genre. While it might be a stretch to deem the dance pop days of Tritonal as over (the lack of a butterfly on the cover art may imply so), this tune and their upcoming one with Haliene (and possibly an Ilan Bluestone collaboration) suggest a return to their roots – one that has been much awaited by longtime fans.




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