Ultra Naté Releases Uplifting UK Soul Single ‘FUN’ With Blue Lab Beats

If you are a fan of soul and jazz music, then you know the name Ultra Naté. This world-class singer has been a huge part of the music industry for over 30 years. Throughout this span of time, Ultra Naté has forged 10 studio albums and performed at some of the hottest venues around the globe. Stemming from her tenth album, ULTRA, Ultra Naté has joined forces with Blue Lab Beats on their groovy single “FUN”.

Speaking on the track, Ultra Naté shares, “it’s all about sing-along vibes and deep groove when it comes to ‘FUN’. This one is dripping in 70’s hot buttered soul with a modern perspective from the seriously talented young British producers, NK-OK and Mr. DM. ‘FUN’ is the story we all lived when our lives came to an abrupt halt as the pandemic swooped in. One minute we were partying, hanging, and connecting, the next we were in dreadful isolation. ‘FUN’ reminds us to enjoy and celebrate the small things, the moments and the adventures!”  

This overall aura that “FUN” radiates would not be possible without Blue Lab Beats. This Grammy-winning duo delivers their unique blend of British jazztronica and nu-soul on the track. Encompassing a funky bassline, “FUN” weaves in elements of resonating percussion and guitar to create a vibey atmosphere for listeners. Fueled by Ultra Naté’s inspiriting vocals, “FUN” is the is the go-to anthem for any situation, whether it’s played on a long car ride or lighting up the dance floor.

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