Fire Starts and Traffic Issues At Ultra Music Festival

After the fireworks to conclude Marshmello’s set and overall Friday – a fire broke out where there is shrub and palm trees. Reports are saying that is was a piece of firework that ignited the fire.

There are major issues with people getting out of the venue, with transportation backed up. We hope this fire is contained so it doesn’t spread further.

There has been an accident involving a bus on the only route out of Ultra. All shuttles had to stop – meaning attendees had to walk across the bridge based on Polices advice. This journey is near three miles. Even when they get over the bridge to downtown; ride-share services are completely broken with either super high fees or zero drivers. Some attendees have said the apps aren’t even loading.

What makes it worse is tens of thousands of people fighting for a shuttle/ferry. Some attendees have said they’ve been involved in ‘riots’ which is clearly an over-exaggeration.




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