VIZE Allegedly Fraudulently Release Track Using Acclaimed Songwriter Gia Koka’s Work

VIZE and Gia Koka had connected in early 2020 to work on a track, the latter joined forces with a few of her own collaborators to write a song tentatively titled ‘1 2 3’. However Gia awoke to her track released by VIZE with no explanation as to why. While the new track has different vocals, the similarities are clear.

A deal was drafted on email between the two parties and things seemed on the surface to be all good with either a straight forward collaboration together or a major feature suggested to take on the vocals of this project. 

Gia alleges that VIZE “simply changed some minor details and decided that it was sufficient without permission to release the track on his own accord without sorting the relevant paperwork”.

So far there is no comment from either VIZE or their management on the allegations but VIZE has posted that due to ‘technical difficulties’ the music video will be delayed. Gia prepares to take her case forward via all the relevant legal routes using the renowned lawyer, Oktay Duzgun who if you have a good memory assisted Garrix in the case against Spinnin Records. 

Since speaking out, Gia has been contacted by a number of song writers that have also been treated poorly and it appears it is an issue that is rife within the music industry.

“This whole thing isn’t even about my song anymore,” Gia explained to “The power and abuse have got to stop. It’s not right and I am not tolerating it anymore. I was taught to be respectful towards others and I demand the same respect back. So often really bad people are running the show and the good people have to take it. No more!”

Gia Koka detailed the situation through Instagram





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