Weird Genius, Tokyo Machine, and Lights team-up to Unleash Monstercat’s Next Hit

A song that radiates stardom has come to fruition. The rising star trio from Indonesia, Weird Genius, has teamed up with the ascending Tokyo Machine and the femme fatale Lights who lends her siren-esque vocals to the track. The “super” collaboration has unveiled the nostalgic-tinged “Last Summer” and highlights why all three acts have prospering acclaim. Released via Monstercat, the song will have listeners reminiscing on past love and warmer days of summer, while the frigid winter rages along the Northern Hemisphere.

Each respective act on “Last Summer” has built enviable clout in the electronic realm and in the music landscape as a whole. Weird Genius has proven that great music crosses the globe, restricted by no border as seen by the massive success of “Lathi” and their collaboration with Yellow Claw, “Hush”. The former song scored the group three AMIs (Indonesian Music Awards), including the Song of the Year. Joining Weird Genius on the production side is Tokyo Machine. The shrouded artist has built a sizable reputation and following after the massive success of “Rock It” and subsequent releases through Monstercat. Last, but not least, Lights brings her emotionally-charged vocals that always swirl with pearly wonder and enhances any record that bears them. She has gained notoriety from notable collaborations with ILLENIUM, deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Seven Lions, and Felix Cartal with who she snagged a JUNO award win. She has also received plenty of recognition for her solo work that includes another JUNO award win for her album, Skin&Earth.

With three highly successful acts coming together on one song, it’s bound to bring a special sound and it’s safe to say that they have achieved that status. “Last Summer” sends listeners through a portal to conjure memories of past summers where everything was easier and hope rode the breezes. As each lick sound caresses your eardrum, the nostalgia swells bringing a feeling of elation and a little bit of melancholy that often comes from reminiscing on the past. These feelings and memories affix to the waves of sound that rush with warmth and sparkly barbs of energy, which is a perfect juxtaposition to the lyrical content. The sound design is incredible and each space is filled with the right sound to keep the energy charging and the emotions cascading, which shines a light on the talents of Weird Genius and Tokyo Machine. Their production work serves as the perfect complement to Lights’s divine vocal and the culmination of this sort of yin-yang relationship brings true mesmerization as all the best songs have.

With the frigid winter barrelling down on the Northern Hemisphere, “Last Summer” is the right antidote to cure the long nights and transport listeners to easier, warmer, and often happier times. Bringing together the talents of Weird Genius, Tokyo Machine, and Lights is a thing of beauty and one hopes to see the three together once more.

To stream “Last Summer”, scroll down or follow the link here.




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