Whethan Joins Forces With ericdoa and glaive On ‘Think You Right’

Whethan has teamed up with two talents ericdoa and glaive to release a experimental electronic track “Think You Right.” Considering Whethan broke into the electronic scene with future bass oriented music, “Think You Right,” snapshots how much evolution he’s gone through as an electronic artist, each stage of his slight changing receiving a warm welcome from fans.

“Think You Right,” delivers it punch through simplistic sound design that embraces a very original framework. Computerized, almost cartoonish synth incorporation backs up the gritty vocal work that belts with passion. A break from the tension comes a few bars later, as more melodic elements come out to play. The single surprises right at the last moments with a sudden shift to super soft vibes, containing both sustained and plucked string instruments as the track comes to a close.

Whethan has over 4 million monthly listeners and a huge catalog of releases that are damn near household names within electronic music culture. His vast impact on the scene is hard to measure as his festival performances, dozens of releases, and well-recognize brand has touched millions across the world.




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