WHIPPED CREAM’s Stardom Grows on Collaboration with Lil Xan

It is said destiny is written in the stars. If it were not for an unfortunate ice skating injury the world may never have been graced with the incendiary work of Caroline Cecil, better known as the enigmatic artist, WHIPPED CREAM. With festival appearances at Electric Forest, EDC, Ultra, Lollapalooza, and Tomorrowland, she has become one of the most talked-about DJs and producers in the world. The Canadian Bass Queen continues her marvelous rise with “Told Ya”, a collaboration with the infamous Lil Xan. A worthy song to kick-off her Big Beat releases.

“Told Ya” is earmarked with WHIPPED CREAM’s characteristic heaviness built by dark, distorted synths, penetrating steely trap percussion, and bone-rattling bass. Lil Xan’s free-flowing style is the perfect muse for the sound as his seemingly effortless spit bars blend harmoniously with the instrumental. Even though the track is under two minutes, the infectious energy and emotion will latch to listeners’ bones and will serve as the rallying cry for many rambunctious events to close 2019.

“Told Ya” also brings us a trippy and demented music video from world-renowned Swedish visual artist, Pastelae. It’s an amalgamation of nightmare-fuel creatures, whimsical animation, and bright oscillating colors. While it almost feels like a bad trip, the bizarre visuals provide another lens into the creative genius and ideation of WHIPPED CREAM.

In today’s streaming atmosphere, it takes a true star to break through the noise and dazzles listeners. Once again, WHIPPED CREAM releases a song that shines a light on her undeniable prowess and poignant art. It’s proof her destiny is to be the Queen of Bass.

To stream “Told Ya” follow the link here. Or continue scrolling for the Official Music Video.

If streaming isn’t enough for you, you can catch WHIPPED CREAM live on Holy Ship! Wrecked this January from the 22nd to the 26th. It’s the first time the festival breaches land as it will be held in the Dominican Republic instead of on a cruise. Tickets and more information can be found here.





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