Will Sparks Aims To Reclaim His Throne With New Single “Say It Again”

Instilling every bit of time and effort to bring his modern take on house music to a global stage, Will Sparks returns to Armada Music for the release of his newest single “Say It Again.” Will Sparks’ rebirth as an Australian DJ/Producer has been nothing short of spectacular. Sparks found himself venturing beyond the lines of his comfort zone to discover a bright and electrifying growth of his production prowess after reinventing himself throughout the global pandemic.

Will Sparks is reclaiming control of his career by relying on his creative genes and unconventional production approach. The combination of compelling kick drums and anthemic breakdowns in “Say It Again” reminds us of that. Will Sparks’ album is designed for the club, mainstage, arena, or any other location you can think of, but one thing is certain: no dancefloor is safe in his presence.

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