YouTube Launches Rewind 2019 In Hopes To Redeem Itself

In 2018 YouTube revealed its yearly Rewind video, in it they aim to take a look back on the years biggest trends. However what was supposed to a star fueled video ended up landing as YouTube’s most disliked video. Now in 2019 they are back with an all-new concept and while it’s certainly better than last years, are viewers buying it?

This year’s Rewind video has been formed only of snippets from the original YouTube clips. Kevin Allocca, the head of YouTube’s culture and trends team says “the method being used is based on data of the platforms top creators, most-watched videos, and most-searched trends”.

At publication the video’s dislikes 351k outweigh it likes with 226k, however having only been live for a few hours the video has only collected 2.5 million plays. Time will tell how it performs over the coming weeks, but its 2018 counterpart while sits at 17 million dislikes and has over 184 million views.

This year’s edition stands in contrast from 2018’s Rewind which took on a more scripted feel with creators coming together to mash-up different events and trends, the cringe worth clip at times only alluded to big stars, categories and trends without actually showing us the clips.

This year’s edition not only breaks down the biggest all-time videos but is also very wisely soundtracked by some of the biggest songs that came across speakers during the year such as iconic hits from Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Glass Animals & Denzel Curry.

It also narrows down the biggest players in the categories of the platforms biggest topics, Dancers, Beauty, Music Videos and Gaming. Going further they use the rewind to highlight some of the biggest creators based on total views and identify emerging creators that that broke through this year from across the field. It further reveals some of 2019’s new records, among them including the biggest 24 hour debut held by BTS and showing off their growth in certain markets. They also feature the first creators from Indonesia, The Middle East and Germany to reach new milestones in their nation.




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