Argy’s Latest Album ‘New World’ Showcases Techno Talent

Argy has released his latest album New World today. His influential journey with Afterlife, marked by iconic releases like ‘Tataki,’ ‘Pantheon,’ ‘Aria,’ and the collaborative masterpiece ‘Higher Power’ with Anyma, has established his firm position on charts and award lists.

Argy presents his crowning achievement, New World, a groundbreaking blend of human sentiment and artificial intelligence. Embarking on a mystical quest, he invites listeners to join him on a solitary voyage into the unexplored territories of the subconscious. Breaking free from traditional music production methods, Argy delves into the wellspring of inspiration, acting as both a pathfinder and a herald, forging a path towards a new frontier in musical discovery.

Argy is one of the brightest stars in the progressive techno world and his New World project showcases that. He has been one of the frontrunners in one of the hottest genres of 2023 and it comes together perfectly with this 14 track LP




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