Bakermat Shares Stunning 10-Track Album Via Ultra: The Ringmaster

Having established himself as one of the most prominent names in the jazz-house and tropical-house scenes, Dutch DJ and producer Bakermat is back with his fresh full length album, The Ringmaster. The charismatic hitmaker is laid to have laid the foundation for the melodic house house genre, a feat solidified through his work having amassed over 500 million streams on Spotify alone and charting in more than a dozen countries.

“I made the album ‘The Ringmaster’ to show my diversity as a producer, and to go against the idea that an artist should stick to one genre or style with their album in order for it to be a cohesive body of work. For this album I collaborated with writers and singers that I really look up to, and that truly resulted in something amazing that I would never have been able to do myself. I think this really brought things to the next level.” – Bakermat

Starting in 2015, Bakermat launched his project Bakermat’s Circus, a new platform for artists, where artists could push themselves musically and the audience could be carried away by the music. He began the trail for the shows at his residency venue in Paris, the Zig Zag Club. In his latest album he continues to create his own unique circus of diverse tracks and moods, combining elements of pop, jazz, rock, and soul, all blended seamlessly with his signature style. Spanning over 10 masterfully-produced songs, Bakermat’s album is a sonic journey through expert songwriting and standout, versatile production.

Previously-released gems “Under The Sun,” “Trouble” and “Baianá,” make an appearance in the tracklist, the latter of which was recently featured in the official EA Sports FIFA21 soundtrack. Additionally new bops such as “Pretty Little Jaguar,” “Good For Me” make up for perfectly danceable anthems. Lead single “Bad Dreams” featuring rising star 7Chariot shines through with its complementary official music video which serves as the final piece in the adventures of Bakermat’s animated alter ego. Closing off the tracklist, Savannah Jeffreys adds a lot of character to moving, powerful track “Out Of Control.”

With this album, I am the Ringmaster of my own circus presenting you with a big variety of songs in different styles. I hope the listener, just like in an actual circus, will experience a big diversity in emotions while listening.” – Bakermat 





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