Benny Benassi, Biscits, PAX, and More Reveal Their Favorite Superheroes

It goes without saying that times are definitely tough right now and some may be struggling more than others. While many are tucked away at home looking for something to do, others are out risking their lives as part of their daily routines and duties. Needless to say, the whole world could use a real life superhero or two…

To offer readers something a bit more lighthearted we thought it would be fun to get away from real life and chat with some of our favorite DJs as to who their favorite caped crusaders were growing up. The results might surprise you.

Benny Benassi – Spider-Man

“My favorite superhero is Spider-Man, ’cause of his double life is awesome (switching between Peter Parker and the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”). He has such a pure heart.”

Biscits – Wolverine

“My favorite superhero has to be Wolverine from X-Men! He reminds me of my brother because he’s ripped, hairy, and REALLY angry. I don’t really like super hero’s who are too clean-cut, so I like that Wolverine is a reluctant hero whose motivations aren’t always straight forward. I’ve got my fingers crossed that he makes an appearance in the MCU at some point in phase 4! but I just can’t imagine who would play him better than Hugh Jackman.”

PAX – Batman

“Our favorite superhero would have to be Batman. Not because he’s a playboy billionaire in his civilian life, or because he has the ultimate car, plane, man cave, and gadgets, or because….hmm actually it’s starting to sound like it could be for those reasons now we’re reeling them off. But it’s mainly because he gets to hang with the Joker. Now they’re obviously not on the best of terms right now, and it’s not that friendly when they meet up, but if they can work out their small differences, like “you tried to kill me” then just imagine the potential time to be had if you could party with the Joker. Waking up horrified about what might have gone down the night before, but regretting nothing.”

Nightlapse – Batman

“We love a bit of Batman! He operates at NIGHT! By day, he’s suave as they come, loves getting himself about, drives a sick car, and lives in a mansion. By night he doesn’t need superpowers to give someone a beat down!! We heard he’s a Nightlapse fan from a close source too … haha What is there not to like ?”

Westend – Batman

My favorite superhero is Batman. He has no inherent superpowers. He is just really smart and ripped. Plus, Batman always seems to just appear and then dip out whenever he wants to. That would be a great skill to have to escape from those after parties that go on way too long.

Laydee V – Black Widow

AvengerS’ Black Widow reminds me of me. She’s a bit of good a bit of bad and a pioneer in a male-dominated world which is how I see myself and is one of the reasons why I started my own label Platform 7even, to push women in music.

TAYA – Dr. Strange

I’ve never been into the classic superheroes, like batman or superman, as I like the unconventional. This is why when asked what superhero I’d be, it was a no brainer, Dr. Strange! Due to an accident that destroyed his hands, Dr. Strange turned from surgeon to mind-bending superhero. Through long and intense mind training from Buddhist sorcerers, he develops his superpower of being able to do anything he puts his mind to. From summoning objects, creating energy fields, bending other people’s minds to even teleportation. 

As someone who is drawn to spiritual mysticism and personal development, I feel Dr. Strange is my superhero guide. Over the years, I have been training my mind to focus better, strengthen my intuition, and use my music to connect to people’s minds. Fortunately, these are all things that have helped my musical career. Plus, he looks like me… coincidence? Or am I Dr. Strange IRL.





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