Updated: Ekali’s Ex Fiancé Sam Black Reveals Dark Side Of Ekali: Abuse, Cheating and More

Update: Ekali has denied these allegations. See end of article for more details.

Sam Black has posted a statement on Twitter detailing what seems like a horrific relationship with ex-partner Nathan Shaw aka Ekali.

The DJ pair got engaged at the end of 2019, which ultimately did not end well. From verbal and physical abuse to drug use, it’s shaping up to be a different side of Ekali that many know him for.


Not only has Sam accused Ekali of these actions, she also posted images of bruises on both of her arms.

There are a range of incidents she mentions regarding Ekali, including both physical and verbal abuse, drug use, cheating and more. While this may be a looping case of cancel culture brought on by their rough breakup – the bruises speak volumes. At this time Ekali has not responded. However Sam has stated there’s a lot of evidence including “About 85 photos and videos and emails”.

This is unfortunately the next in a line of inappropriate and terrible behaviours from artists within the dance music scene. Fans have understandably come to Sam’s defense. Twitter has turned on Ekali as showcased below.


Ekali has responded to these allegations as shown below:

Ekali followed up with a second statement:

Responding to the abuse allegations and more specifically the bruises on his ex-partners arms, Ekali mentioned that he has not seen Sam in 27 days.

Sam Black responded to Ekali’s denial with multiple replies, including message screenshots of other females sharing their stories of Ekali:

Almost a month after their relationship publicly blew up, the pair released a joint statement:




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