Esseks & tsmiba Collab on Chaotic Single, “Invisible Enemies”

Earlier today, NY bass/dubstep act, Esseks, debuted a new collab with fellow Brooklyn-artist, Tsimba. “Invisible Enemies” features Esseks signature production style and provides a progressive, off-kilter bass track for fans.

As mentioned, Esseks (real name Sam Eckstein) is a Brooklyn-based producer and visual artist. His style consists of a wide-range of modern bass, but consistently delivers a unique style that focuses on little intracies. The diverse elements of his music are tied together with Esseks’ subtle, but instantly recognizable sound. He also illustrates all the artwork himself. His releases have found placement with some of the top bass/dubstep labels in the industry, including Deadbeats, Wakaan, Gravitas Recordings, Foundations Recordings, and Smokers Cough. Tsimba is the bass music project of multi-instrumentalist, Mark Evans Musto.

“Invisible Enemies” provides an upbeat energy to dark, provocative bass production. The track kicks off with a distorted and echoed range of synth, accented by a slick beat that is introduced 20 seconds in. Snappy percussion and distorted vocals ring out in the background through a blend of intricate and odd sonics, which ring true for Eckstein’s signature production style.




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