Hear Kilters New Song ‘No Time’ Featuring Muki

Innovative Australian electronic producer Kilter is here to soundtrack your weekend with a brand new anthem. Teaming up with Sydney singer/songwriter Muki, they’ve penned a dancehall-inspired rave tune called ‘No Time’ out via etcetc. Already off to a strong start, the track was first premiered on none other than triplej‘s primetime Australian music show ‘Good Nights’ with Bridget Hustwaite.

For Kilter the release follows ‘Overdrive’ with rising Byron Bay singer/songwriter Yorke, two instrumentals ‘Tmper’ & ‘One In Hand’ and a remix of ARIA award-winning PNAU’s ‘Solid Gold’. Having put out his number one Electronic album ‘Through The Distortion’ in 2017 we can’t help but wonder if there is a new album brewing for the near future.

Meanwhile, on the vocal talents, Muki has been steadily on the rise and gaining attention from around the globe and she is no doubt one to watch. You might recognise her bouncy pop-infused vocals, having previously featured on tracks from Nicole Millar, L D R U, and Client Liason.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the release Kilter says “I wanted to transport everyone to a dancehall rave in the dystopian near-future with ‘No Time’, illuminating sounds normally restricted to dark warehouses with a warm tropical glow,” explains Kilter. “Muki and I had been working together a lot recently on another project and I thought her futuristic take on pop music would be the perfect voice for the song.” So hit play and let Kilter lead you on a journey of futuristic, electronic time travel.

If you want to catch the song live, Kilter’s eclectic live show sees the multi-instrumentalist take on synth, guitar, electronic drums, sample pads and piano. While we wait for news on a national tour, Kilter headlined the newly-opened Fiction Club in Canberra this weekend and will be playing then FKA Festival in the Hunter Valley on October 19th.




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