Icy Lando Makes Statement With Upbeat Debut “On A Regular”

Icy Lando’s story is one of hard work and always believing in yourself. Icy (real name, Victor Buyuka) – Is a rapper, singer and producer originally from Nairobi. Growing up, he wasn’t as fortunate as most.. So found comfort in music, leading him to join a local choir.

Little did he know, his time with The Kenyan Boys Choir would soon lead him to perform at Barack Obama’s inauguration. They then went on to sign with Universal Music, before performing with Nelly Furtado, Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez.

“Was the best time in my teen years, where I got to meet and work with world renowned artists as well as a major label like UMG. Our success with the choir showed me that you can achieve your dreams and where you come from really does not matter.” – ICY Lando

Taking on a new challenge, Icy is releasing new music in a different style. “On A Regular” is an infectious, hook-driven piece of R’n’B that takes influence from the likes of Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller. On the new single, Icy States

“On A Regular is a sexy, feel good type of song.  I love to have fun and I want to portray that in my music. I want when people listen to me, to just forget about their daily troubles and have fun. Life is too short. Also having to work with an artist from a different country brings a different style to the track” – ICY Lando




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