Jaydon Lewis Tantalizes with “different”

Coming across a truly mind-blowing song has become a rarer and rarer experience. In this streaming era, we are so saturated with data-driven, fad-following music, that the artform is muddied. Real artistic vision is lost in the noise, or absent altogether. However, today a tune rises above the rest, clear in its vision and fresh in its expression–a defiance of the lowest-common-denominator streaming milieu. It comes to us from 18-year-old prodigy Jaydon Lewis, and fellow-South African trio, Internet Girl.

“different” is Jaydon Lewis’s first foray into the new sound he teased during the backend of 2019. While it is of different styling to his bouncy, trap music of his early-to-mid teenage years, Jaydon’s expertly crafted drum programming and infectious energy still shine through and help to construct the backbone of his new sound. This blends with feisty tones of pop and hip-hop to form a joyous mosaic of sound that is uncluttered and precise.

Like a cherry on top, Internet Girl provides a superb vocal that complements the sound design and sets the stage for a deeper meaning. The lyrics aren’t obscure or vague, but there is more to them and the song as a whole. Slightly hidden is the call to action for the youthful generations. While many countries and the globe face a multitude of issues Jaydon wants listeners to feel the call to action and be better than the past. In short, be “different” than what came before.

Jaydon unleashes a new era of his sound that brings a fresh idea to the electronic scene with tantalizing effect. It’s an artist with a clear vision to be “different”. Jaydon has truly found his path and we can’t wait to hear more.





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