JYYE & NATALIA Collide on Fresh New Single ’24/7′

Talented Melbourne based producer JYYE has tapped NATALIA for their collaboration ’24/7′.

The record is an excellent example of each artists’ skills. The result is a track that has immense potential in the commercial sphere, whilst still working as a club record!

Natalia, is the former girlfriend of Latin music superstar Maluma, who wrote his current #1 single ‘Hawaii’ about their recent break-up. NATALIA was part of the Latin American female DJ duo, Natalia & Esther. She is now stepping out as a solo DJ / Performer with the release of ’24/7′

’24/7′ is a perfect record to kick off NATALIA’s solo career as well as being another weapon added to JYYE’s ever expanding arsenal. Hopefully NATALIA’s online popularity helps bring JYYE even more deserved attention.




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