Lastlings Release Pure Electricity with ‘Out Of Touch’, the Final Single before Debut Album

Ascending from Australia with a sound that paints the sonic topography with refined intensity and unfiltered beauty is Lastings, one of the hottest acts on the planet. Under the tutelage of the famed RÜFÜS DU SOL, they have broken through the impersonal digital space to bring forward a riveting sound that has connected with fans across the globe and garnered critical claim. It is with good reason. From 2019 to now, they have dropped truly special and enthralling records like “Take My Hand”, “Last Breath”, and “No Time”. Sprinkled throughout this time, has included several of their own remixes of SG Lewis, Cassian, and RÜFÜS DU SOL; plus remixes of their work from a collection of acts that no one would bat an eye at, including TEED, Adult Art Club, Torren Foot, and — of course — their champion, RÜFÜS DU SOL. They most recently announced their debut album First Contact through RÜFÜS’s Rose Avenue and Astralwerks. As a final hors d’oeuvres before the album, Lastlings have pulled the current to unveil the exceptional “Out Of Touch”.

Siblings Amy and Josh Dowdle have formed a symbiotic relationship where one half brings the steel and the other brings the elegance. The culmination is a project that is unrivaled, steeped in raw emotion and a quality that is divine. It is why each of their records breathes freshness into an electronic sphere that is often too busy chasing a trend, losing sight of individual artistry. Undoubtedly, their commitment to a perspective that goes beyond the music to include a striking visual narrative has Lastlings at the forefront of the indie electronic genre. On “Out Of Touch”, they again stick with the identity they’ve built, while providing something different and exciting.

The song instantly hits the brainstem with a beat built by a thick kick and a light pluck of fluttering mandolin chords. Clinging to the back of this are enchanting synths that strike the empty air, paving the way from Amy’s vocal to break the tension and slither into the souls of listeners. These opening seconds are breathtaking and set the stage for Lastlings to mesmerize with devious delight.

From there, the record drives through a sound that at times feels like it will careen into the depths of darkness, yet it straddles the edge, staying its course of mystifying beauty that soars with penetrative essence. Amy’s siren-like vocal hovers above asking listeners if “is this what you really need” and “let’s see what’s underneath”, digging deep into each person’s psyche and stirring personal inquisition. The chorus continues this narrative of survival, self-retrieval, and overcoming the destructive tendencies that plague many of us. Whether the narrative comes from a personal place or not, the song has an air of honesty that radiates from each lick of sound bringing to life the story with connective poignancy. As a final single before the upcoming album, “Out Of Touch” is a brilliant song to fuel the flames of anticipation.

We are now just under a month to the release of First Contact. It promises to be an homage to Lastlings Japanese heritage, drawing inspiration from Kazuo Ishiguro’s dystopian novel Never Let Me Go and their favorite anime, Your Name by Makoto Shinkai. The duo also looks to explore the themes of “first”, from the first day of life to first words spoken to first love, and to the final first, death. Due out November 20, the album is sure to be something special solidifying Lastlings status as one of the most exciting electronic acts.

“Out Of Touch” closes the singles chapter with a song that breathes intense emotion and enthralling sound, once again highlighting the reasons why Lastlings have been buzzing for the past year. It also succeeds in heightening the anticipation for First Contact, setting the stage for what will be a monumental album. Lastlings have made contact, now is their time to shine.

To stream, follow the link here or continue down.




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