Madeon Delivers Refreshing New Single ‘Gonna Be Good’

Madeon has released his latest piece ‘Gonna Be Good’. Both sung and produced by Madeon, this continues the theme of being solely involved in his music.

Since his 2019 album Good Faith, Madeon has only released a couple of songs – with ‘Gonna Be Good’ the third. So when the talented Frenchman drops new music, the world stops for fans.

‘Gonna Be Good’ is a terrific display of Madeon’s numerous talents, from his bubbly production and uplifting chords, to his vocals, which have improved over time. Fans have been awaiting this fresh single since it was played in Madeon’s stand out sets at the likes of Brooklyn Mirage, Coachella and Ultra.

The released version of ‘Gonna Be Good’ is different to the live version, which fans had been clamouring for. Madeon did tease that something is coming however, so hope is not lost.

“It’s a song about restless hope. It’s about saying the things we wish were true, like an incantation,” Madeon says of the track. “It’s about caring for people we love and promising them things we couldn’t promise ourselves. It’s the final single from the Good Faith era (that started all the way back in 2019), but also hints at what’s to come. I think it’s my favorite production and perhaps my favorite song I’ve ever released – I’ve already made so many special memories performing this song live over the past year, and I’m so happy you can take the song home now, I hope it’ll mean something to you too!!”

It has been four(!) years since Madeon’s last LP, could there be a bigger project on the cards from him soon? Either way new music from Madeon today means it’s a good day.




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