New Study Shows Attending Music Concerts Reduce Stress For Attendees

A group of UK researchers investigated what happens to people's stress levels before and after a music show. In the first study, 49 people had their saliva taken before the concert, and then again 60 minutes later. The scientists were testing for cortisol and cortisone; a stress response hormone in mammals.

The first groups showed both of their stress hormones being reduced across the 60 minutes following the musical act; there was a significant decrease in both stress hormones. However, the study was quite small and the scientists wanted to test their theory again to determine if it was applicable to a larger audience.

The scientists gathered 800 people for another concert to test for changes in stress hormones before and 60 minutes following the music. Interestingly, once again, there was a drop in stress hormones cortisone and cortisol across the 60-minute concert among participants.

These two studies show how attending musical events can reduce your stress hormones throughout a period of time, and can help your immune system functionality. Perhaps this is an additional factor as to why we feel great while at a musical event, we're slowly having our stress levels reduced throughout the event; and also have that after-glow following the event

An additional factor as to why the participants in this study may have reduced stress levels could be the temporary detachment from day to day stress (i.e., work, school, deadlines). When you're in the crowd enjoying your favourite act, you aren't thinking about those responsibilities; you're in the moment being present, experiencing all that good musical energy.

If you’d like to look further into this study, the full study is here. Please note there is a paywall to access it.