Nicky Romero, StadiumX & Sam Martin Unite On Prog House Anthem, ‘Love You Forever’

A while ago, Nicky Romero set out on a mission to make sure that progressive house never dies. In that timespan, he’s released songs like Midnight Sun with Florian Picasso and Ups & Downs with W&W. The latest addition to his arsenal, Love You Forever, proves to listeners that the beauty of both melody and energy in the genre is something arguably unmatched by any other.

An ID in Nicky Romero’s sets over the past few months, including his Ultra set, Love You Forever displays its simplicity through an indelible melody, played through a warm, harp-like synth. Sam Martin’s mellifluous voice and the emphatic trumpets make for great additions in the break, as the track climaxes on an Avicii-esque note in true prog house style. Nicky Romero has held true to his word.

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