ReauBeau & Julian Calor Soar High On ‘Wings’

ReauBeau makes his triumphant return to CULTR on the back of his new single, “Wings”, a collaboration with Julian Calor and featuring the vocals of Liss. “Wings” marks ReauBeau’s third release on Circus Records highlighting the artist’s ever-growing presence in dance music.

“Wings” is a slithering, hypnotic distortion-heavy future bass track that has a bit of hip-hop flavoring to elevate the track above the noise. The two Dutchmen pair exquisitely like fine wine and gourmet cheese to create a production that shimmers hand-in-hand with the angelic vocals of Liss. The culmination of these elements sends “Wings” dancing around listeners’ brains with an intoxicating effect that will bring listeners back for more.

ReauBeau has been expanding his clout with multiple releases on Circus Records, as well as, singles on Riotville Records and Hardwell’s Gemstone Records. His partner on “Wings”, Julian Calor, has been making his name as the Voice of Ultra along with releases on Monstcat and Revealed Music. The two Dutchmen are definitely artists to watch as 2019 progresses into 2020.

Stream “Wings” now by following this link or below.




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