Remix Radar 063: Featuring A-Trak, Blood Orange, and Dillion Francis

We are back! The last two weeks have brought us some great remixes from A-Trak, Blood Orange, and Dillon Francis. We also received some great albums, compilations, and EPs from Anjunadeep, Moon boots, Pan-Pot, Booka Shade, Future Islands, and many more that I could list. I hope everyone is staying safe and doing the best they can while the pandemic still rages on with what appears a second wave taking off. Hopefully the following remixes take our minds of it for a bit. Scroll down to enjoy!

WEISS & Harry Romero – Where Do We Go? (A-Trak Remix)

We begin with A-Trak’s spin on the WEISS and Harry Romero collaboration, “Where Do We Go?”. The man who just marked the 10-year anniversary of Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand”, more on that to follow, takes his remix to a chilled house vibe that slowly builds in energy. It has a very timeless feel to it and paints the air with icy coolness that will bring about all sorts of head bobbing and hip thrusting goodness to the living rooms of those that dare listen. This makes two great remixes of “Where Do We Go?”.

Tame Impala – Borderline (Blood Orange Remix)

Tame Impala and Blood Orange, it’s a hipster’s dream. In all seriousness, this remix is AMAZING. Blood Orange brings his typical slow and sultry grooviness to “Borderline” while redoing the vocals, which creates a beautiful sexy new version of the record. I honestly, prefer Blood Orange’s version to the original and that’s definitely saying something.

Kito & ZHU with Jeremih – Follow (Dillon Francis Remix)

Kito, Zhu, and Jeremih, that’s quite the cast of characters. Now throw in Dillon Francis who takes his swing at remixing “Follow”. Dance music’s most ridiculous act doesn’t transform the record into something boisterous or in your face like he’s known for. He keeps his remix squarely in a chill, downtempo sort of House style that’s similar to the original. He does add a thicker beat that works really well with the song and adds a nice wrinkle to “Follow”.

BRONSON Ft. Gallant – KNOW ME (Cassian Remix)

BRONSON dropped one of the best electronic albums of the year and proved that stripping away an identity and starting anew can bring about something special (You can read more about it here). The trio drops their first remix of the album and it’s from Cassian who reimagines “KNOW ME”, the BRONSON collaboration with Grammy-nominated Gallant. In true Cassian fashion, the song takes on a slithering sound that bubbles with incendiary sound design, sending listeners on a galactic journey that’s extraordinary. I much prefer Cassian’s version.

AVIRA – Love Me (Yotto Remix)

This record is insane! Of course, it comes from the mind of Yotto. He remixes AVIRA’s — who has also dropped some gems of late — “Love Me”, which comes via Yotto’s label, Odd One Out and brings about a synth-heavy sound that is gorgeous. It takes listeners through a prickly, searing sound that intoxicates the senses and brings about an atmospheric vibe. This remix will be really cool to witness at a venue when lights and lasers can fill the air. The same could be said for the original, which is also really awesome.

Zimmer Ft. Panama – Wildflowers (You Man Remix)

Zimmer has been growing in stature with quite a few incredible remixes and his self-titled album release, which came out just over a year ago. We have just received the full remix pack for it and included in it is the You Man remix of 2018’s “Wildflowers”. The remix is super jammy and unleashes this ravenous groove that it’s impossible to not want to get up and party like there’s no tomorrow or whatever the current teenage cliche is. I’d be remiss to not mention the full pack, which is awesome from start to finish with appearances from Amtrac, Gerd Janson, Zombies in Miami, Lauer, and Kendal.

Becker & Mukai – Spice War (Joe Goddard Remix)

Becker and Mukai is the collaborative project of Jean-Gabriel Becker and Susumu Mukai, hence the name. Both artists have an insane list of projects. I highly suggest checking out both, as well as, their project together as they are geniuses musicians. Joe Goddard, who’s best known for his work in Hot Chip, provides a remix of “Spice War”. The record is filled with interesting sounds and highlights a freshness unlike most out there. It’s a spacy vibe and something that I really enjoy and appreciate.

Louie Vega with Marc E. Bassy – Let It Go (Dom Dolla Remix)

Dom Dolla does his usual thing and brings about a rambunctious remix of Louie Vega’s “Let It Go”. The record hits with a jovial groove and an insatiability that makes a great dance record. I got to say, I think Dom Dolla has had the best 2020 in the scene, considering how many great songs he’s put out.

Paul Woolford & Diplo Ft. Kareen Lomax – Looking For Me (Skream Remix)

I am absolutely loving this new sound from Skream, which he continues on his remix of Paul Woolford and Diplo’s “Looking For Me”. He’s ditched the old school dub-step vibes and seems to be exploring a restrained refinement that is brilliant. For this remix, Skream explores a classic 90s dance vibe that oscillates from shimmering synths to a punchy Roland-made break. It’s amazing.

Wax Wings Ft. Nimmo – Reclaim Me (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

I love Maya Jane Coles. She’s one of the best sound designers around and always builds an atmosphere that is truly intoxicating and always identifiable as hers. She does that once again as she remixes “Reclaim Me” from Wax Wings. True to her identity, the record careenes through a dark and dingy sound with the right amount of gleeful growling low-ends. This remix is another masterpiece from Maya Jane Coles.

Swimm – Feel Better (Yolanda be Cool Remix)

The rising indie, psych pop group, Swimm, receive the remix treatment from Yolanda be Cool. The Aussie duo keep Swimm’s chill sound, but transforms it into a dancier, melodic House track that unleashes a vibrant sound with the right amount of energy. In particular, i really dig this whiny string instrument or maybe it’s a distorted guitar that sits in the background of the chorus. Overally, it’s a really nice and pretty record from Yolanda Be Cool.

Kllo – My Gemini (DJ BORING REMIX)

I first came across Kllo when they opened for RÜFÜS DU SOL in Los Angeles back in 2017 or 2018. I fell in love with their sound and couldn’t wait to check out their discography. Since then, they’ve put out two LPs and have built quite a fanbase, while making a noise in the indie scene. Now, we’re receiving remixes of Maybe We Could. DJ BORING brings a remix of “My Gemini” and transforms the record from an indie-pop into a wild and adventurous dance track. It’s a really cool reimaging that highlights an artist that is inventive and willing to do something a bit out there. DJ BORING scores major points for his take on “My Gemini”.

Damian Lazarus & Jem Cooke – Into The Sun (Nathan Fake Remix)

Not too long ago, Damian Lazarus released Flourish, and out from it came one of the best electronic albums of the year and potentially of the last 5 or more years. It’s quite transformative and takes a deep peering into listeners’ spirituality and self-acceptance, something that many albums and artists dream of achieving. You can read more about the album here. Most recently, we received the Nathan Fake and Mano Le Tough remixes of “Into The Sun”. Both are excellent remixes, but I prefer Nathan Fake’s version. The British act constructs a burning sound and energy that bubbles and twists around a steady beat with demented glee, similar to the original. The 8-minute track is distinctive and beautiful and provides a nice reimagining of the original.

Crooked Colours – Love Language (Imad Remix)

Imad provides a sizzling remix for Crooked Colours’ “Love Language”. The Lebanese artist builds a swirling, atmospheric sound that radiates emotive poignancy and blends seamlessly with the vocals. I really enjoy Imad’s addition of what sounds like a standup bass and his reimaging of the other string instruments.

Poolside Ft. Panama – Kinda Lovely (Brijean Remix)

Poolside’s “Kinda Lovely” gets the remix treatment from Brijean who brings about a playful, chilled sound to the record. It has a grooviness that isn’t often presence with a slow-burning type record, but the record is filled with it. The overall sound is very elegant and backroom disco. It’s an amazing remix that’s quite unique.


Duck Sauce – NRG (Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Milo & Otis Remix)

Time flies. I can’t believe it’s been ten years since Duck Sauce exploded on the scene with the viral sensation that is “Barbra Streisand”. I still remember how that song was every and was talked about by pretty much everyone I knew. It was insane. It also helped to build my love for the duo and my love for dance music. Honestly, without Duck Sauce, I don’t know if I would be working music. To celebrate their anniversary, they dropped this special edition pop-up video for the record, which can be viewed here.

I celebrate their anniversary by bringing you the Skrillex, Kill The Noise, and Milo & Otis remix of “NRG”, which is probably the most famous remix of their records. On a side note, I have a “Big Bad Wolf” vinyl that has a Gesaffelstein remix on it, which is not on DSPs.




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