Rich Delinquent Drops Passionate Single ‘No Saint’

Having turned heads throughout the music and entertainment sectors, rising superstar Rich Delinquent has been leading the evolution of emo-pop through his creativity and talent. Blending high-end production with riveting vocals and powerful storylines, Rich’s signature style has allowed him to grow a huge following since his debut. Throughout 2022, Rich has showcased his one-of-a-kind sound with mind-bending singles like “Hallucinating” and “1800ifuckedup”. Now, he is closing out the year with his explosive release of “No Saint”.

Speaking on the deeper meaning behind the track, Rich shares “at times it feels like I only have a devil on my shoulder guiding me down the wrong path, usually, I can keep him at bay but sometimes I lose faith in myself and give in to the darkness… this is No Saint.” Delivering invigorating vocals, Rich also includes euphoric echoing effects throughout “No Saint” that hypnotize the listener. Additionally, breathtaking synths and entrancing melodies invoke a strong sense of emotion within the track’s audience.

“No Saint” isn’t the first auditory marvel that Rich has forged during his career as an artist. His earlier works, such as “Forget About Me”, “Death Drive”, and “Cocaine Late Nights”, mesmerized music fans across the planet. They have been featured on prominent media platforms like Your EDM and Run The Trap, accumulating over 800k collective streams on Spotify. Along with his groundbreaking album Sadboi, Rich’s creations shed light on his personal struggles with mental health and channel his feelings. Promoting a sound that enables self-reflection and a vessel for listeners to cope with themselves, Rich is headed in a promising direction as an artist.

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