Rich Delinquent Releases Alluring Emo-Pop Single, ‘XOXO’, Featuring Benny Mayne

One of the most versatile artists in today’s emo-pop and hip-hop scene, Rich Delinquent is well-versed in singing, songwriting, and producing. He combines these skills on each project he works on, delivering his unique genre-blending style. Additionally, Rich is renowned for his utilization of imagery from pop culture villains in his originals. This is present in his beloved anthems of “Cocaine Late Nights”, “Death Drive”, and “No Saint”.

Turning the page onto the next chapter in his musical journey, Rich has returned with fellow artist Benny Mayne on their collaborative single, “XOXO”. Kicking things off, this spellbinding track opens with a psychedelic robotic soundscape. As “XOXO” continues, Rich and Benny merge their transcendent voices to provoke powerful emotions within the listener. It is easy to hear the raw passion in their lyrics, drawing influence from past heartbreaks and the desire for vengeance.

Between the exotic coalition of emo-pop, trap, and experimental sound design, “XOXO” presents a captivating adventure for its audience. The anthem builds on Rich’s recent releases of “Hallucinating” and “1800ifuckedup”, forecasting a promising road ahead for the blossoming artist.




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