Ryan Pulford Drops Ethereal, Heartfelt ‘Holding You Close’

If you haven’t heard of Ryan Pulford before, I can guarantee you that his name will start to ring a bell – all you have to do is take a listen to his second single of 2019, ‘Holding You Close’. It’s a airy, feelsy tune in which his charming voice lilts brilliantly over a light-hearted, minimalist instrumental, with its fair share of nostalgic riffs.

If this track reminds you vaguely of A R I Z O N A, you probably have quite the ear, for Ryan Pulford learnt the tricks of this trade from A R I Z O N A themselves. That’s where the sparse, ethereal production comes from, creating a general vibe that reminds you of the famous band.

The song begins with a stunning, light soundscape welcoming Ryan’s voice, as he teases the chorus before getting to the verses. The instrumental portions between his croons are quiet, making his vocal influence on this track even grander.

The chorus appears with another layer of heavily reverbed electric guitar gently soaring over the mix. By the time the chorus comes around again, you’ll find yourself singing along with the irrevocable feels.

Lyrically, Holding You Close speaks about the much sought-after solace in an intimate relationship, feeling open and comfortable with that special someone. The words flow out of Ryan smooth as silk, clearly a heartfelt ballad. The chorus draws in some romance, portraying a beach under the night sky, warm nostalgia epitomized by the chorus, “I’m in a place I’d never go / When I’m holding you close”.

Ryan answered a couple of questions for us about his sound and the direction he’s taking with it with his upcoming debut EP:

What would you describe your sound as?

Lyrically I’ll always tell you I’m pop. But from a production standpoint things tend to be a melting pot between alternative and electronic. I’ve been playing guitar since third grade so that will always be a major staple of my sound.

What can listeners expect from your debut EP in 2020?

F*cking bangers lol. Just gonna keep pushing along. Pursuing my artist project has been an incredible journey and it’s really only just getting started. I’m constantly pushing myself to grow as a writer and producer, and at the end of the day the better I get at those two things, the better I can express myself through my music. I’ve been churning out a scary amount of demos ever since I moved to NYC last winter and I’m really excited to dive in and start finishing up the ones I feel are the strongest/the ones that are the most important to me on a personal level. I like to be an open book with all of you, so if there’s one thing you can expect from my debut EP it’s full transparency into who I am and what I’m about.

Make sure to check out the music video for ‘Holding You Close’ below.

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