Pop Sensation Shy Martin Releases Sophomore EP, ‘Sad Songs’

Very likely having written a few of your favorite radio jams, Shy Martin’s prowess as both a songwriter and a singer is simply indisputable. Her newest offering with her ‘Sad Songs’ EP serves as sound evidence: five acoustically-driven records that manage to pull you in and probe the depths of your emotions. Featuring previously-released singles with ‘Slow’ and ‘Make us never happen’, this body of work highlights both her angelic voice and her incredibly capacity to craft relatable stories with apparent ease.

The EP flaunts a variety of different sounds, from the guitar-backed ‘Slow’ to the deep, percussion-driven ‘Nobody likes moving on’, but eventually finds unity in its themes of falling in and out of love, and the overwhelming emotions that come with it. The five songs each do justice to the EP’s apt title, and make for perfect playback in those rainy and sullen days that many of us find ourselves dealing with from time to time.

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