SoLonely Drops Emotional Single, ‘it won’t be fine’

Pulling on the heartstrings of listeners, SoLonely is back with his new single, ‘it won’t be fine’. The song kicks off with a delicate piano melody that immediately provokes sentimental feelings. Following the progression of piano notes, a sequence of dreamy acoustic guitar is introduced, and not long after SoLonely begins to sing. He draws on his personal experiences to deliver powerful vocals in a blend of R&B, pop, soul, and other genres.

Speaking on the track, SoLonely says, “the song is about not wanting to lose someone, wanting to hear that you won’t be forgotten and that everything will be okay, even though you know it won’t be. It is also about losing someone who has passed away. It’s a song about not giving up, fighting despite adversity, and staying hopeful.” It is easy to hear the theme of “it won’t be fine” and SoLonely’s battles with mental health in his lyrics.

The melodic anthem proceeds “it’s all in your head”, which is another moving original that enables SoLonely to express himself through music. Conveying stories of lost love and sadness, his passionate songs have resulted in more than 70 million collective streams. “it won’t be fine” is a beautiful preview of SoLonely’s upcoming projects in 2023.




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