Swedish House Mafia Stun With Incredible New Anthem ‘Ray Of Solar’

The Swedes have done it again, following the release of their Paradise Again live album last week, the trio today release the highly awaited single ‘Ray Of Solar’.

Incorporating goosebumps-worthy strings and a hauntingly beautiful choir-like vocal, the Swedish House Mafia have outdown themselves. Laid over a bouncy house beat, the track is packed with energy but still holds a touching, emotional component that transcends the airwaves and touches you. The piano and the melody that it showcases is a real treat, there is no denying this anthem is of a high quality.

The single is co-produced with frequent SHM collaborators PARISI and talented producer YARO, with his first SHM credit. What is interesting is not seeing Axwell’s name in the production credits – this could mean the song was initially conceptualised as a Buy Now (Seb & Steve’s duo alias) track that later suited Swedish House Mafia.




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