Tchami’s Debut Album ‘Year Zero’ Is A Masterclass For House Music

The day has finally come, after announcing the album in February and an understandable delay, Tchami’s debut LP Year Zero is now out. As with most Tchami music, the album makes for great listening material in most situations, whether that be by the pool or in the club.

The 16 track LP takes you on a journey through Tchami’s immense creativity. From ‘Praise’ with rapper Gunna to the chill alternative closing record ‘Damaged Hearts’ with Todd Edwards, Year Zero is a great collection that dives into a range of sounds that still possess Tchami’s unique motif.

Featuring 10 brand new tracks as well as the number of successful singles throughout 2020, Tchami fans are sure to have a field day with the hour of music. While there are definitely songs that may not have the quality for a single release, they fit perfectly into the album.

One thing that stands out from the album is the features and collaborations. Tchami has selected some incredible talent to join him on the album. Other artists have released albums which include almost all collaborations, which sometimes detracts from the flair of the headlining artist. In this case, Tchami brings in the right amount of external talent to not take the attention away from his significant feat.

You cannot miss this landmark moment in French maestro Tchami’s career. Listen below.




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