The Chainsmokers Unleash 10 Track ‘World War Joy’ LP Upon The World

After releasing over half the album as singles, The Chainsmokers have now released the 10 track package as one. Titled ‘World War Joy’ (which shares its name with their world tour), the album is an ideal mix of pop and dance.

The four new tracks come from collaborations with Kygo, blink-182, Amy Shark and Sabrina Claudio. This is adding to previously released tracks such as their latest ‘Push My Luck‘ as well as their joint efforts with Bebe Rexha, ILLENIUM, Ty Dolla $ign and 5 Seconds of Summer. This year The Chainsmokers have been releasing their songs on an ever growing EP under the title of the album.

The blink-182 x The Chainsmokers partnership is likely the biggest of the four new singles, after being teased in January – we now have it in our hands. Drew’s vocal part sound very reminiscent of blink-182 punk rock style of vocals. ‘P.S. I Hope You’re Happy’ is a merge of old school pop and new school pop – if you’re a fan of either artists this is for you!

Many people will think The Chainsmokers have left the dance music & ‘EDM’ worlds, yet this album does feature a healthy amount of electronic elements. ‘Push My Luck’ and ‘Takeaway’ with ILLENIUM both express a satisfying level of electronic production, with the other tracks also featuring many different electronic sounds.

Alex, Drew and Matt have been working very hard lately, this album and their world tour is proof. Even though we have already received 60% of the album, the entire package is a great gift for fans!

If releasing an album wasn’t enough, they have just announced they’ll be executive producing a new series coming to Freeform titled ‘Demo‘.

It follows a 20-something musician who dares to leave behind her struggling indie rock band and her working class family to try writing pop songs in Los Angeles. Though at first she’s eager to shed her past, she soon discovers that the best songs tell the deepest truths, if only she can find the strength to tell hers.





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