Will Sparks & Lost Boy Unite on Sensational Dance Pop Release; ‘Mona Lisa’

Will Sparks has taken a different route with his new track with Lost Boy, choosing to go down the pop path rather than a harder bounce sound. However, this decision is welcomed with open arms.

Lost Boy has had a number of hits in the past, lending his talents to artists such as Qulinez and LUUDE. And of course Will Sparks has had several successful releases in both the underground and commercial scenes – most notably ‘Ah Yeah So What’.

‘Mona Lisa’ is a perfect track for the more commercial crowd, yet, based on feedback from Will’s fans – it still remains a treat for his EDM orientated supporters. The release was born out of mutual admiration, after coming together some time ago – the production has been cooking for a while now. Today it sees the light of day on Teamwrk Recordings.

Lost Boy says “This song has existed, in several different forms, for years now. We’ve been waiting for just the right fit and we finally found it with Will Sparks”.

Will says “I wanted to challenge myself. I really loved how the record sounded and the meaning behind the lyrics, it grabbed me instantly”.


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