Willaris. K Unleashes Frantic Rap-Rave Single ‘Chapel’ With WaveIQ

Following up from his critically acclaimed EP Lustre, Willaris. K (Jack McAlister) has released his newest piece of work titled ‘Chapel’.

The record is a dark energetic tune featuring WaveIQ, who is just coming off his debut album Arcadia which is a combination of a video game and album. WaveIQ has writing and producing credits with some of the most talented people in the music scene including Lil Yachty, Jaden Smith and Goldlink.

Willaris. K and WaveIQ combined forces at Rick Rubin’s famed Shangri-La studio in Malibu, California during 2019 and got to work on this post apocalyptic rave anthem. The track was made in a Chapel at the studio, which ultimately made a good title for the track.

The song itself, is frantic and fast paced production melding perfectly with the hectic and energetic rapping from WaveIQ. The track feeds off WaveIQ’s energy and excitement which forms perfectly with the warehouse rave vibe from Willaris. K. The end result is a rap-rave gospel that will be helping people let loose at home during these uncertain times.

This single contrasts with the more ambient sound of the Lustre EP but is a welcome change. Willaris’ first song with a rapper is a resounding success and is sure to be a crowd favourite when festivals and gigs return.

‘Chapel’ marks the first single of his upcoming EP Full Noise. It has been a busy year for Jack, who has already released a 6 song Lustre EP, a remix of DMA’s ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’ as well as a collaboration with Skin on Skin. With more music to come and hopefully a tour at the end of the year, the sky is the limit for both this track and Willaris. K in 2020 and beyond.





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