Billie Eilish and Spotify Debut Interactive Microsite – A Letter To Your Future Self

Today, Spotify and Billie Eilish launched A Letter to Your Future Self, an interactive and personalized microsite designed to connect fans with the Grammy Award-winning artist and the themes of her new single, ‘my future‘.  As an extension of the single, which gives listeners an intimate glimpse into Billie’s mindset and her optimistic view on the future, the microsite encourages fans to write uplifting, dream-filled letters to their own future selves.

The microsite will allow Billie’s fans to enter into the world of ‘my future’, fueled by connection, authenticity, and positivity. As fans move through the digital experience, they will write a letter to their future self, wishing on their dreams, manifesting positive growth, and “falling in love” with their futures. After submitting, the completed letter will set off a sparkle in the night sky alongside a mysterious message, “see you in a couple years.” Fans can choose the date in the future for when they wish to receive the letter back.

Billie Eilish’s microsite, A Letter to Your Future Self, will be open to fans for two months and can be accessed exclusively from Spotify at




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