Discover The New Features In Spotify Artists App Including New Live Stats

Spotify has finally unveiled it’s refreshed version of its app for artists, across both iOS and Android platforms. The update includes a new design and analytics such as live statistics and updates on playlist additions and the number of people playing the artists’ songs globally.

Launched in 2017 the Spotify Artist app has long been a coveted app on the home screens and Instagram stories of the biggest artists, It already offers a way to see real-time listening stats for recent week old releases. Now it’s expanding its listening stats so artists can see how many people are playing their songs right now.

Their educational materials are also now also receiving an extra push within the app itself via the home tab. It’s also now making it more simple to know about big moments in the refreshed app, Spotify says — like when a song gets added to a playlist or the artist gains new followers.




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