Hardwell Releases Complete ‘REBELS NEVER DIE’ Album

Following his surprise return at Ultra Music Festival in March, Hardwell thne kicked off the roll out of his REBELS NEVER DIE album. Every two or so weeks we’ve been treated to new Hardwell music, culminating in the full package out today.

The album explores a new sound for Hardwell as he delves more into techno, incorporating his big room sound that we all know. He is set to go ever further into the techno lane with future collaborations with the likes of Will Sparks, Maddix and Olly James.

With the increase in streaming services and such, album rollouts have vastly changed. Hardwell opted to release every single track individually. The hype has certainly died down but each single got attention, rather than all attention being exhausted on an album drop.

The return of Hardwell has been anticipated for some time and we are thrilled to have the dutchman back in our lives.

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